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Otani is a specialty nail artist ,

although customer service & cleanliness comes first,

she specializes in fantasy nail art ,permanent diamond placement, ombre color matching and creativity but also offers natural nail services.

~ Otani

Why I'm worth what I charge: 

1. You won’t be disrespected.

2. I offer a 2 week -1 month warranty (depending on the service)
3. I'm relatable.
4. I start on time. 
5. I finish on time. 
6. I don't use nail polish, you will never experience drying time. 
7. I don't use MMA products. 
8. I allow access to my personal phone line for text messages in which I respond to promptly, within 1hr-8hrs, unless its after hours or a Sunday.
9. 25 years of education & experience.
10. I speak fluent English.
11.  I'm a professional & licensed. I am not self taught ,I've taken countless amounts of classes, workshops, seminars and training courses to learn more about my profession.
12. I offer structured booking. you'll receive a confirmation email & reminder texts before your appointment.
13. I'm a business and branding coach. 
14. I Offer coffee , wifi , water, tea , mimosas & wine with certain services.
15. I have natural 'Southern hospitality' skills.
16. I am a great listener.
17.  I'm a brand not just a nail technician.
18. I take pride in the services that I offer. 
19. I'm a travel coach (& licensed agent) 
20. I will never reuse implements without proper sanitation
21. I NEVER reuse a  file , buffer orange wood stick etc. 
22.  I have design influences from living and training
 in Europe ,east coast , west coast , hawaii and Asia


(Otani’s frequently asked questions)

💅🏿 Are you licensed? Yes! Most definitely & so is everyone in my salon.

💅🏼 Do you own your own salon? Yes

💅🏾 Why do you open so early? Most salons don’t open until 10am. I cater to people that want to get their day started early.

💅🏻 How long have you been doing nails ? 28 years

💅🏾 Do you allow children under 4 ? No

💅🏿 Do you offer services for children ? Not at the present time.

💅 Can my kid sit on my lap while I'm getting a service? No

💅🏽 Can I drop off my teen or friend for his or her service? No! Do not drop off a minor or friend or get dropped off for the duration of the appointment , If we need to run an errand in-between clients we would not be able to so ,due to the responsibility of keeping the minor safe until you return , and in doing so our personal appointments or errands would have to be inconveniently cancelled .

💅🏼 What art do you specialize in? Gel polish ,Acrylic ,Glitter ,Creative nail art , Swarovski Crystal placement , ombré , & shaping.

💅🏽 What services are you the best at ? Freestyle hand art ,my gel polish lasts 6 weeks.

💅🏾 What are your favorites shapes ? Tapered square, stiletto and coffin

💅🏿 What are your least fav shapes ? Oval ,Round & Almond

💅🏻 Do your stones stay on? Yes !

💅🏼 What type of crystals do you use? Swarovski only

💅🏾 Do you carry cash for change ? No .I don't keep cash on hand, I issue change back via cash app ,Venmo ,PayPal, Zelle or Apple Pay.I don't keep cash on hand

💅 What forms of payment do you take ?

USD (cash)


Apple Pay

Major credit cards


Cash app


💅🏾 Do you offer a warranty? Yes , I offer a 2 week warranty on all of my nail services. My gel polish comes with a 1 month warranty.

💅🏽 What does your warranty cover? Everything

Broken nail , chip , missing diamonds, ect

💅🏻 Why do you offer a warranty? I believe the customer should get quality work that lasts and I stand behind my work.

💅🏻 Can I bring a friend? Yes if it’s your ride or completely neccessary but due to limited seating with Covid I ask that you keep your visitors to a minimum of 1.

💅🏿 Are you clean ? Yes

💅🏻 Do you give a military discount? Yes I already included it in the service labeled "military"

💅🏽 Are you barbicide Covid certified? Yes

💅🏻 Do you offer take same day appointments? •No

💅🏾 Do I call to make an appointment? No

💅🏻 How do I book an appointment? You would go to my booking link on the website

💅 Do you do kiddie birthday parties ? No

💅🏾 Can you travel to my house ? No

💅🏿 Is it online booking only? Yes, appointments are booked online only! Exceptions are made for clients who are mentally disabled without a caregiver to book for them or is elderly and has issues with using the Internet.

💅🏻 Are you a black owned salon? Yes

💅🏽 Are you a military spouse? Yes

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